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Live Video Therapy

Live Video Therapy means therapy per Internet such as per Skype or Face Time.


Over the last several years the possibilities for Live Video Therapy per Internet have increased dramatically.  In the meantime, a number of Therapists in Germany and other countries are offering this kind of therapy as part of their scope of therapeutic possibilities.  This is an attractive alternative for therapeutic contact without the necessity of travelling to the practice location.  A requirement for this kind of therapy is a stable Wireless Connection (WiFi) into a computer with the capability of both audio and video inputs (Cam and Microphone) into a program such as Skype or Face Time.  Preferably, the person seeking this kind of therapy will already have had some degree of experience with Skype or Face Time in contact with family, friends, children, grandchildren, etc.  This prior experience, although preferable, is not absolutely necessary.  Live Video Therapy can be requested in the following way:


1.  Send me an email with a one page description of your problem and what you are looking for therapeutically.  Include in this email the kind of Video Program that you have available, such as Skype or Face Time.  Include at least two suggestions for possible times that would suit you to try a Video Therapy call to me.  Also include the in this email the  Username which you use in your program of choice.  Send this email to


2.  I will review your message and try to understand the problem and goals you are describing and develop a concept as to whether a Video Therapy could be useful to you.


3.  Within three days of the initial email to me, expect to receive an email answer including my analysis as to whether a Video Therapy could be indicated and useful.  Should a Video Therapy be indicated, I will include suggestions related to proceeding further.  I will suggest one or two times for a short Trial Video Therapy contact.  And I’ll also include some suggestions related to additional contacts, suggestions about frequency of contacts, length of therapy and my professional fees.  UP TO THIS POINT THERE WILL BE NO COSTS INVOLVED.  



4.  If you chose to accept my proposals, you may transfer the professional fees into my bank account at this point.  Here a PayPal account could be useful in order to facilitate the timely transfer of funds; useful but not absolutely necessary.  We can begin the Video Therapy as soon as the transfer appears on my bank account.


5.  My fees for direct therapy in my practice are currently 90, €/50 Minutes.  When using the format of Live Video Therapy my costs are lower and consequently my fees for this service are also less, 75, €/50 Minutes.


6.  An example of a proposed agreement for Live Video Therapy could appear as follows:


“In relation to the problem you are presenting, I can offer you an initial  series of 3 Live Video sessions with a duration of 50 Minutes per session.  These three sessions are best utilized over a time span of up to three weeks.  My fees for these three sessions will be a total of 225, €.  If you find it desirable to continue the therapy beyond the agreed upon three sessions, this will be possible based on a mutual agreement”. 


7.  Live Video Therapy, though effective, may not be as effective as direct contact between therapist and client in the practice.  In the event that, in the course of the therapy, I become convinced that Live Video Therapy is not a viable modality for your problem, I will make an alternative suggestion such as coming into the practice for a few sessions or, should the distance to the practice prove excessive, looking for an alternate therapist in your area.   

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