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This form of therapy is the traditional, classical form of therapy.  The therapist and the client meet in the practice in order to cooperatively explore the nature of the problem. 

In the first session we will focus on an extensive Anamnesis related to the origin of the problem.  During this session we will also attempt to develop a beginning concept as to how the emotional problems find an expression in the body.

As we work together further in the practice, we’ll continue to use conversation as well as specific exercises in an attempt to explore methods of identifying and reducing emotional and bodily blockages. 

Frequently, after a few sessions in the practice, the client begins to observe a beginning feeling of perspective and more lightness and resolution in her/his life.  Depending on the wishes of the client, the Bioenergetic Analysis can be extended out to the point where the Client is satisfied with having attained his/her  therapeutic goals.     

Direct Therapy in the Practice
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