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Email Therapy

Email Therapy can be an effective method to utilize in difficult life situations.  Sometimes relative short email exchanges, including an intensive exchange of ideas at a deeper level of understanding, can lead to a paradigm shift and consequently a new concept about how to progress further with one’s problem.


1.  Write me per computer/ email one page of information about your problem and your wishes in relation to Email Therapy.  Send this to my email address:


2.  I will read your comments and take the necessary time in an attempt to understand your problem and to consider carefully whether an Email Therapy with me could be useful.


3.  Within the next three days following receipt of your initial query, I will send you my suggestions in relation to further Email Therapy.  In the event that I can imagine it could be useful, I will send you some suggestions about how we could proceed further.  These ideas will include some comments about a proposed frequency of email contact, some thoughts about which total timeframe could be considered, and a word about my professional fees for the proposed therapy.  UP TO THIS POINT THERE WILL BE NO CHARGES FOR MY INITIAL ANALYSIS AND PROPOSAL. 


4.  Should you decide to accept my proposal, the next step would be to transfer the money for my fees into my bank account.  A PayPal account could be useful here in order to transfer funds very quickly, but this is not absolutely necessary.  As soon as the monies have been transferred and appear on my account, we can proceed with the Email Therapy. 


5.  The possibility exists of exchanging emails over a secure-coded Email Server.  Should this be interesting for you, I’ll be glad to explain how we can set up this email exchange system.


6.  My normal working rate for Direct Therapy in my Practice at this time is 90, €/50 Minutes.  In the event of Email Therapy my costs are somewhat lower and my professional rate is less: 60, €/50 Minutes.


7.  An example of an Email Therapy proposal could appear as follows:


“In relation to the problem you have presented to me, I would like to offer you an exchange of 6 emails; of these 6 emails, 3 would be from you to me and the remaining 3 from me to you.  My suggestion is that this exchange begins immediately and concludes within three weeks from now.  My total professional fees for the above email exchanges will be 150, €.  Should you experience a need for more contact to me, this will be possible through a new mutual agreement.”


8.  Email Therapy, though effective, may not be as effective as direct contact between therapist and client in the practice.  In the event that, in the course of the therapy, I become convinced that Email Therapy is not a viable modality for your problem, I will make an alternative suggestion such as coming into the practice for a few sessions or, should the distance to the practice prove excessive, looking for an alternate therapist in your area.   

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